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Compliance Hotline Form

Any person may submit a complaint to report a possible violation of a reliability standard by completing
the form below. If so requested, NERC and Regional Entity staff will withhold the name of the complainant
in any communications with the violating entity. All information provided will be held as confidential in
accordance with the NERC Rules of Procedure.

The Compliance staff will informally seek additional information from the submitter and others, as appropriate.
The Compliance staff may refer the matter for further investigation by NERC or the appropriate Regional Entity.

Complaints may also be made via phone by calling 866-888-0451 or by sending an e-mail directly to

To continue, please enter the following information:

Name of person reporting possible standard violation(s) of reliability standard(s):
    Name: *  
    Company Name:  
    Contact Phone Number: *  
    Do you wish to remain anonymous? *  
NERC or Regional Standard(s) and specific requirement(s) violated:
    Standard number (if known):  
    Standard requirement(s) (if known):  
    Possible violation description and/or reason for complaint: *  
    Name of violating entity: *  
    Violating entity‚Äôs NERC Registration ID (if known):
     Click here to view the NERC Compliance Registry
    Date of incident:  
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     Reliability impact (if known):  
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Please be advised that NERC or Regional Entity staff may contact you regarding this report.
Note: This form is for reporting possible violations of reliability standards by an entity. For other questions
regarding the NERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program or reliability standards, please send
an email to